When the Fire Falls 3: Philip Spener and the Movement of Pietism

In the 1600s Philip Spener emerged as a young pastor used of God in reviving the Lutheran Church. His book Pia Desideria or “Pious Desires” is still in print. I highly commend pastors and other leaders to read this and other classic works of spirituality. Let us join together and pray for a movement of God in our hearts, our churches, and our nation.

When the Fire Falls Part 3: Philip Spener and the Movement of Pietism from Alvin Reid on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “When the Fire Falls 3: Philip Spener and the Movement of Pietism

  1. I graduated from SBTS in Louisville, 1977 with M.Div. Dr. Lewis Drummond was my professor for Evangelism. He taught about revivals and was my favorite professor, he and Dr. Wayne Ward and Dr. Dale Moody. 17 years later I was used to birth one of the greatest revivals of the 20th centuries that has resulted in over 4,000,000 conversions and scores of thousands of churches. I called Dr. Drummond to tell him what was happening. He responded, “Just keep it biblical.” Which I have tried to do.

    What I am asking you is if you know of any revivals that were proceeded by prophecy and if so which ones, by whom were the prophecies delivered? Can you give me any bibliographical data that I could use?

    I liked your lecture on Spener. I remember listening to Dr. Drummond share on Spener and August Franke.

  2. Alvin,
    I finished my D. Min. at a United Methodist seminary, United Theological seminary. My material is being used at the seminary and I am now an adjunct professor at the seminary where I have created two courses on physical healing at the M. Div. level. I am working with Regent Divinity school where several courses will be offered that I have written on the online and hybrid courses. I have launched these courses as an online certification program and in 3 years have had over 2,000 courses taken and over 1,200 students. I am launching another online subject in January 2015. I would love to discuss with you some options for training in discipleship.

  3. When the revival broke out in 1994 on my way to Europe I remember Dr. Drummond telling us about the Shantung Revival in north China, how it was believed by many to be the greatest revival in Baptist history. It was out of print and difficult to find. I found the original version (1933) written by Mary Crawford, a Baptist missionary who was part of the revival. The book is made up of testimonies of other Baptist missionaries. I felt terribly burdened by the Lord to read the book, having no idea what I would find. When I did I found record of the very phenomena that I was experiencing in the revival I was a leader of. This was most encouraging for me. The revised version printed in 1970 had removed these accounts of the phenomena or manifestations of the Spirit. What I am interested in knowing is if there were any prophecies that preceded this outpouring. Do you know if there were?

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