Update: The Beasts of Workout

This fall marks semester #3 for the group I affectionately refer to as the Beasts of Workout. For the past two semesters a group of students, some staff (still looking for more elusive faculty peeps), and friends have met to workout at 7 AM MWF during the semester.

This fall we will be hosting a 30 Day Challenge, featuring a pretty stout workout routine (45 minutes in length) at 7 AM MWF from August 29-September 30. We will continue after the first week of October break, but only meeting M and F. Part of the goal of the workout is to change the mindset and lifestyle of those involved, which means taking responsibility to workout on our own, thus cutting out Wednesdays in October.

If you are in the area and interested, join us August 29 to check it out. Dr. Mark Liederbach and his great staff have opened up a much larger space, the main Multipurpose room next to the gym in the Ledford Center on campus. So we can accomodate more who would like to sweat towards sanctification! If you are interested join the Facebook group Doc Reid’s Workout Friends here. ┬áThere is NO cost, but we just might make some (not cheesy Christian subculture) tee shirts. I always wanted to do an “I’m a Hyper Alvinist” Tee. Okay not really.

The goal is to do moderate weight training (you will need dumbbells or exercise bands and a towel, as we will definitely be sweating). The routine we do is will work all major muscle groups multiple times and features excellent core work plus cardio. It is a beast, but we will start (a little) slowly. You will agree to do some form of cardio three other days of the week, and we will offer some basic nutritional information as well.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired where you are healthwise, join the movement of the beasts of workout this fall!

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