Third Places and Reaching the Next Gen: Video

Recently I made a video for my friends at the Billy Graham Center of Evangelism at Wheaton College. Related to that, I recently became a Fellow at the Center and look forward to working with Ed Stetzer, Micah Fries, Laurie Nichols, and other Fellows in the coming days.

The video below looks at sharing Christ with the young adult population. Thanks to my student Zach Petty for making the video. It offers a little insight into our day and a look at what I’ve found to be a very effective venue for telling people about Jesus. I still knock on doors. I still talk to strangers about Jesus. But if we are going to reach the unchurched and dechurched in the next generation, we will do a lot of our evangelism on their turf. The coffee shop and similar third places have become just that place, and I love them as well! Enjoy.

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