The Chicago Missions Experience

I’m extremely excited to lead the SEBTS Chicago Mission trip this summer. Here is a lot of great info from the host church. I hope you can join me!

Chicago Missions 2017

Host Church: Church of the Beloved Downtown

In 2012, Church of the Beloved was planted in Chicago by Pastor David Choi and a core team of around 20 people. It is the Church’s vision to see the Gospel transform people into Spirit-filled disciples, who know they are the beloved of God, because of Christ alone. Since the first year of the launch and within a span of 4 years, Church of the Beloved grew to 4 campuses in Chicago and 2 campuses outside of Illinois.

Our main campus, Church of the Beloved: Downtown, welcomes the team from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to participate in Chicago Missions from June 25, 2017 – July 2, 2017. Chicago Missions is a great opportunity to reach the local city alongside Church of the Beloved.

You will serve in the Chicago area for 1 week, with your Church host – the Church’s Director of Outreach & Missions, Grace Kim. Immerse yourself through the usual Chicago streets and neighborhoods, while living in the midst of the urban city. Serve alongside the local Church and learn alongside local leaders and Church plants. Help Church of the Beloved reach out to their neighborhood with the Gospel, in one of the popular cities in the United States, and witness God move. Through the connections made from our Downtown campus, we are able to reach out internationally as well, and see the Gospel transform people in Chicago.

So come on over! Talk to locals to create intentional relationships. Pass out flyers about our Church. Take a leap of faith and outreach with the Gospel to various neighborhoods. Make the opportunity to encourage other Church people to see Chicago as their mission field.

You get the picture. Church of the Beloved: Downtown welcomes you to Chicago Missions! The following gives more information about the missions week.

Meet the Director of Outreach/Missions With Church of the Beloved Downtown

Grace Kim went to Dallas Theological Seminary, and graduated from Wheaton Graduate School, with a Masters in Evangelism and Leadership. Her pursuits there, stemmed from her time in college. During her undergraduate years, God led her to read Hosea, from the Bible, for the first time and within the first three chapters, God led her to full-time ministry.

Before coming on Staff at Church of the Beloved, Grace has been developing discipleship in youth and college ministry, in various ministries. Eventually she served with Latin America Mission (LAM) as a Missions Coach. Through LAM, she helped pre-missionaries and coached them throughout their process of moving into their mission field in Mexico City.

In 2011, Grace was part of the initial core team of Church of the Beloved. In 2013, she officially started serving on Staff. Since moving to Chicago, she’s been happy to have made the city her home and mission field. For the first 3 years of her service on Staff, Grace has served as the Administrative Director at the Downtown campus.

Grace has seen the beauty of the Gospel transforming people. Through God’s movement amongst Church of the Beloved, it is Grace’s desire to increase evangelism, by developing missional opportunities locally, domestically, and internationally, for the people of Church of the Beloved. And in 2017, Grace became the Director of Outreach & Missions for Church of the Beloved: Downtown.

A Note from the Director  To the Chicago Missions Team:

Thank you so much for joining this amazing journey. It is such a joy to see others being active in missions whether it be locally, domestically, or internationally. In this particular mission opportunity I am so excited to hear your testimonies throughout your time here! I am praying for our loving Father to open your heart and to fill you with His Holy Spirit as you minister to people in our city.

Along with our Church’s Prayer Ministry¨ I pray for protection over you and that there will be no barriers for the Spirit to move in people’s hearts.  As you go around Chicago may Jesus Christ teach you to be like Him in such a broken city. Although so many travel to Chicago for school, work, and for fun, I pray you will go with a readiness to fight for the advancement of the Gospel! And may He provide you with divine opportunities to witness the beauty of many eyes unscaling.

Week Itinerary June 25 – July 2


Sunday: June 25 Orientation

Depending on the arrival of your team, the orientation can be moved to dinner time or after the dinner. Your team is able to go directly to wherever your team is staying. The orientation will be hosted by the Director.

The orientation will include a brief description of Church of the Beloved, the missions week, and will include a time of prayer. The Church’s Prayer Ministry will be coming to pray over the team and the week.

Monday June26 IIT Campus Outreach

The team is welcome to get their own breakfast, do devotionals, or sleep in. The team will be expected to meet at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) by 11AM. IIT is a great place to do university outreach and it is one of our biggest opportunities to outreach to internationals. There are many international students from China, India, and South Korea. Many have not been in Church before, but are very open to finding a community where they can be a part of, while they are here in the United States.

The Church’s International Service members will be joining the team, as you do IIT outreach. The team will go in grouped teams. There will be a rotation where some will go around the campus to pray for the campus and do evangelism. And others will stay at the table in the university center and do outreaching from there.

There are several food options around the campus, so the team is free to get their own lunch during their time of outreaching at IIT. The outreach event will end around 4PM, and the team is able to take a break before dinner. The team will make their way to the Director’s place at 6PM, where dinner for the team will be provided for them.

Session with International Service Leaders

The International Service Leaders will lead a session about our newest launch. Church of the Beloved launched very recently an International Service, in 2016. Sue Yi and David Otuwa will give the team an overview of their journey and ministry with the International Service.

Meet the International Service Leaders

Sue Yi¸†International Service Director

Sue Yi was a Chicago Public School teacher and taught 3rd grade for fifteen years. Then in 2013, she went to Thailand as a full time missionary and taught English to underprivileged children for almost three years. Now that she is back in Chicago, God has opened her eyes to this city and it has become her new mission field. She has a heart for the broken and those who are lonely, and she is excited to see what God has in store for the International Service. She feels so blessed to be part of the COTB family and loves how gospel-centered Church of the Beloved is. Sue is a die-hard Cubs fan and follows all of the Chicago sports teams. She also enjoys going to sporting events and it’s on her bucket list to visit every major ballpark in the U.S. She loves traveling, eating, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and getting to know people on a deeper level.

David Otuwa,¸Pastoral Intern

After heeding the call to full-time ministry, David Otuwa attended Wheaton College where he graduated with a degree in Bible and Theology. He has been blessed with the opportunity to serve in a variety of ministries from tutoring kids in the inner-city to teaching English in China.

After a short sabbatical in Seattle, he returned to Chicago with the hope of joining Church of the Beloved in their mission to transform the world through the Gospel. During his free time, David can usually be found eating or watching sports (often simultaneously). He is also a big fan of Settlers of Catan which he has never lost in.

Tuesday-Thursday lunch, AMPLIFY CONFERENCE by Wheaton College Billy Graham Center for Evangelism

Thursday¨June 29


Once the team comes back from the Amplify Conference and get their own lunch, we will meet in the Streeterville area at 1PM.

The Ask Walk is an outreaching tool, where people will go into pairs or into groups and go around the area. The pairs or groups will do a loose interview with people around Chicago, about their idea or thoughts about Church and/or prayer, in general. Examples: “What do you think about Church?” “If you wanted to pray or request a prayer, what would you pray for?”

The questions are open-ended and acts more like a tool for the team to start conversations about Christianity. The areas we will cover are close to each other and are near Church of the Beloved: Downtown. Areas we will be covering are the following:

● Streeterville

● River North

● Gold Coast

● Lakeshore East

A map of these areas will be handed to each pair or group, at the meeting location (listed above). Around 5:30PM, we will rendezvous at the Chicago Red Line stop (a star will direct each pairing/group on the map). From there, we will make our way to Wicker Park.

Street Evangelism

Once we arrive at Wicker Park, the team is encouraged to eat dinner at any of the restaurants around the Wicker Park area. Here are a few favorites from the Director:

● Big Star –

● Piece Brewery & Pizzeria –

● Furious Spoon –

Whether the team would like to eat all together or would like to eat in the same pairings as before, the team or pairing is encouraged to hear about their time doing the Ask Walk.

After dinner, the team will be in pairs or in groups to evangelize around the Wicker Park area. A map of these areas will already be handed to each pair or group, when we’ve rendezvoused before dinner.

We will rendezvous again at Stan’s Donuts, near the Damen Blue Line stop. There, we will have a few people share their experience and briefly go over our Friday’s schedule. Depending on where the team is staying, they are able to take the Blue Line to go back to their lodging.

Friday¨June 30

SAIC Campus Outreach

The team is welcome to get their own breakfast, do devotionals, or sleep in. The team will be expected to meet at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) by 11AM. T

Each member of the team must provide a form of their identification (best if they are able to provide a driver’s license) and get their picture taken. We will hear from a few SAIC students of the needs of this particular campus. We will have a time of prayer over the campus, before breaking for lunch. The SAIC campus has a cafeteria, but there are also other restaurants around the area. If anyone from the team were to leave the campus to eat lunch, please note that they will need to keep the sticker validation (the sticker with their picture) in order to come back into the SAIC campus.

Millennium Park Outreach

After lunch, we will walk together to Millennium Park. Millennium Park is well known to tourists and to Chicagoans. It’s where the Chicago Bean is exhibited and where people are able to walk around. The Director will lead the team to the Chicago Bean for a team picture, before we separate into pairs or small groups to evangelize around the populated area.

The team does not need to stay within the Millennium Park area, as there are many other areas that the team could evangelize (ex: State Street, Wabash Avenue, Michigan Avenue, etc) Around 4:30PM, we will rendezvous back at the Chicago Bean in Millennium Park. When we rendezvous, there will be a time to debrief. Once the debrief is over, the team is open to go back to their lodging before dinner or to take a break around the area before dinner.

Session with Dr. Reid

At 7PM, we will have dinner and host a session with Dr. Reid. Dinner will be provided for the team and will be hosted by the Director. A few leaders from Church of the Beloved will be joining the session to learn from Dr. Reid about evangelism. Depending on the amount of attendance, we will look into venues that will accommodate.

After the session, we will review for our Saturday’s schedule and then the team is free to continue their fellowship or to go back to their lodging to rest.

Saturday¨July 01

Cicero Outreach

This event is currently TBD, but the main idea is to outreach to the Cicero community. More details will come soon.

International Service

We will meet at our International Service location by 2PM to help set up and to go through their orientation/training. The team will be divided by the International Service Leaders, depending on the most needed roles. From there, the leaders will show the individual or groups how they can help.


2 – 3PM: Orientation, setting up, training

3 – 4PM: Prayer, arrival of food

4 – 4:30PM: Ready in position

4:30 – 6PM: International Service

6 – 7:30PM: Dinner

7:30 – 10PM: Activity * 

For most volunteers who serve at the International Service, they are also welcome to provide dinner and to host an activity (after dinner) for the International Service, in addition to being a Greeter. As the team comes to serve alongside our International Service, it would be great if the team were able to prepare dinner and to prepare an activity.

The team can either cook or cater food. Unfortunately, the International Service venue does not have a kitchen where cooking is able, but there is a sink and a refrigerator available.

Food will be expected to be ready by 4PM and will be served after our International Service, and an activity is held after dinner. The activity is up to the team. In the past, we have held game nights, salsa lessons, movie nights, and so forth.

Please note that this is not mandatory, but it would be a really great help to our International Service Core Team. If providing dinner and/or leading an activity for the International Service is not doable, our International Service is flexible to those that are unable to provide/lead. If this is the case, please feel free to connect with the Director and she will be able to accommodate.

Once International Service is done and the breakdown is complete, we will have a short and final gathering to pray over the service.

Sunday¨ July 02

Church of the Beloved †Downtown

On Sunday, we will all gather to join Church of the Beloved: Downtown’s Sunday Service. The Sunday Service begins at 10:30AM, but if anyone is interested in joining our people in morning prayer, we will have a prayer meeting at 9:30AM.

The morning prayer is in the same venue, but in a classroom near the main auditorium. The main auditorium is inside Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Our missions week will end once the Sunday Service gets out. Depending on the team’s flight itinerary, the team is able to eat lunch around the area, or make their way to the airport to make their flight.

This will be an amazing trip! If you want to sign up for it, please do so here (NOTE: the dates at the moment are wrong on the site: it is June 25-July 1). If you want more info email me

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