Eight Weeks of Effective Witness Day One: Facing Fear

It’s not where you are today that matters most; it’s where you are heading. I want to help you on a journey to growth in your witness. Whether a teenager or a homemaker, a new believer or a seasoned pastor, a businessman or an international missionary, all of us can grow in our effectiveness in sharing Jesus.

Starting today I’m going to post some sort of encouragement for you daily for eight weeks. It could be a short video or a recommended book; most of the time it will involve some brief commentary about some aspect of sharing Christ.

This is fundamental to our growth as believers. Sharing Jesus will stretch you, push you, and move you closer  to him. While I won’t always be talking about something specifically related to my new book Sharing Jesus (without freaking out), lots of times I will.  The book features an Eight Week Challenge to grow in your witness. I’m not following that precisely, but feel free to sign up to do that here.

Today, Day One, I want to offer a little video on facing our fears. It’s only about a minute long. Enjoy!