Eight Weeks of Effective Witness Day 15: A Place to Land for Evangelism

“Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.” Archimedes.

I want to offer you a landing place for your evangelism. Actually, my publisher B&H Academic created it, and I’m grateful. You can search the page yourself here, but I want to comment about it with some screen shots.

The page is a one-stop location full of resources related to evangelism flowing from my Sharing Jesus book. Here’s an overview of some of the features:

This is the main home page for the book at B&H Academic. You can also find it by simply searching www.sharingJesusbook.com. PLEASE NOTE: There is a place to share your story about how this resource has helped you in your witness. Or, you can just post a story about sharing Jesus. It will encourage others!

Here are some very kind comments from others about the book. My pal D.A. Horton is planting a church in LA. Rebecca Pippert is a hero to me–her book Out of the Saltshaker had a tremendous impact on me in seminary. And my friend Ed Stetzer heads the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton and is a guru of all things missional. I’m grateful for these kind words.

You can “try before you buy” the book here. Also, when you place an order, if you want to order in bulk you can get copies for only $5.00 each for orders of 20 or more! That. is. amazing. I know student pastors who are giving this to high school grads, pastors giving to their staff and key leaders, church planting leaders giving one to all their planters, and businessmen giving them to employees, and other examples.

I’m very excited about this page. My dear friend Brian Upshaw and the North Carolina Baptist State Convention along with help from the North American Mission Board recorded a series of eight videos where I teach through each chapter in about 20 minutes or so. These are FREE for you at the site. I already know pastors and others in different states who are using these to lead training through the book over an eight week study. I’m so grateful for this.

ALSO: there are two videos of role-playing. I role play leading a young man named Eli to Christ, and two of our young ladies also role play a conversation. Note: these are not polished, but are real-life convos, the kind I have regularly with young professionals and others. There’s also a video interview with my dear friend Jonathan Dodson of City Life Church in Austin.

I hope you will take advantage of these amazing resources available to you, and I hope you wil join the EIGHT WEEK CHALLENGE and tell us your stories.

I’m praying for an evangelism movement in our time. Perhaps this can help.



Eight Weeks of Effective Witness Day 3: Love Fishing as Much as Catching


Last night I ate delicious, juicy, deep friend catfish for supper. Not just any catfish; Michelle and I caught these only this week. Okay, she caught most of them. But I cleaned all of them! We love fishing. Well, Michelle loves fishing. I love catching.

Michelle can sit on our boat dock for five plus hours to fish. I can do that on rare occasions, but I’m good with a couple hours or so. You see, I love to catch fish, but Michelle just loves to fish.

Jesus called his disciples to become fishers of men. It’s no surprise: the men he called were professional fishermen. He took men who loved to fish for fish and guess what? They soon loved to fish for men. When it comes to sharing Jesus, we should love fishing as much as catching. What do I mean?

  1. We love being with people. Fishermen love being on the water, being in the place where the fish are. If you don’t love people, being a witness is not your problem! Too many believers act toward the lost the way people do toward smelly, fresh fish: curl their nose, sneer, and get as far as away as fast as possible. But Jesus calls us to love fishing, i.e. to love being among people who need him.
  2. We don’t mind the stuff that comes with fishing. Tangled lines, spilled tackle boxes, getting caught with a hook, and sunburn (I know, I got baked this week), all these come with the territory. To enjoy the fish we just ate, we had to invest in fishing gear, create time on the calendar, and get our hands dirty. Those catfish are slimy, and if you aren’t careful they will stab you with their fins. Evangelism is messy, because people are messy. If you want a tidy little Christianity, you won’t have much to do with sharing Jesus. Or with Jesus, for that matter.
  3. We enjoy the work that comes with the catch. Cleaning catfish is work. Skinning them takes some strength, and its really messy. But my it’s worth it! Helping new believers grow is equally messy. It’s easier to get a group of believers who look alike, talk alike, and like the same things to get together and do some spiritual navel-gazing. But there’s not a lot of growth there. I’m learning new things all the time about fishing. And, the more I fish with Michelle, the more I like fishing, not just catching.
  4. We enjoy the benefits that come with fishing. This week we watched a gorgeous bald eagle fly around while we fished. We’ve seen otters, a beaver, turkeys, deer, a great blue heron, an osprey, snakes and turtles, and this week, a fox. In a much greater way, when we share Jesus regularly we get the benefits of growing spiritually, watching our faith stretched, and experiencing God at work in our daily lives.

You don’t have to like fishing for fish, or even catching fish. But become a fisher of men, and see God at work in you.


Want to learn more? Check out Sharing Jesus {without freaking out}

Eight Weeks of Effective Witness Day One: Facing Fear

It’s not where you are today that matters most; it’s where you are heading. I want to help you on a journey to growth in your witness. Whether a teenager or a homemaker, a new believer or a seasoned pastor, a businessman or an international missionary, all of us can grow in our effectiveness in sharing Jesus.

Starting today I’m going to post some sort of encouragement for you daily for eight weeks. It could be a short video or a recommended book; most of the time it will involve some brief commentary about some aspect of sharing Christ.

This is fundamental to our growth as believers. Sharing Jesus will stretch you, push you, and move you closer  to him. While I won’t always be talking about something specifically related to my new book Sharing Jesus (without freaking out), lots of times I will.  The book features an Eight Week Challenge to grow in your witness. I’m not following that precisely, but feel free to sign up to do that here.

Today, Day One, I want to offer a little video on facing our fears. It’s only about a minute long. Enjoy!


Sharing Jesus (without freaking out) Promo Video

This week leading up to Easter marks one of the best opportunities to bring up Jesus in everyday conversations. If you want to grow more in your witness, my friends at B&H Academic and a great video crew put together some videos to encourage you. This one serves as the promo video for my new book, Sharing Jesus (without freaking out). If you plan to have an eight-week study of the book (or, in the case of my church, I’m teaching the whole book in four Wednesdays starting the Wed. after Easter), if you want to encourage people to read the book and grow in their witness personally, or if I’m coming to speak at an event for you, this video offers a great look into what the book is about.

We also recorded four videos of me responding to key questions about sharing Jesus. I will be posting those the rest of the week. Enjoy, share this if you don’t mind, and mostly share JESUS!