One day last week I heard the following:

–A church in Virginia has 400 members going through the Sharing Jesus Book

–A church in Missouri has one-third of their congregation signed up to work through the book over 8 weeks (the biggest group signed up for any training in the church’s history)

–A nurse told one of my students how she has been helped so much by this book she is reading. She had no idea who the guy is who wrote it she said, but it’s called Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out. My student told her, “I know him, I’m reading the same book for his class.” Small world.

Here is the second training video from the landing page.┬áIn this one we look at the glorious, amazing gospel. Don’t believe it when people tell you the gospel is of no interest to the unchurched, or sharing the gospel doesn’t matter to believers. The way we “package” the gospel and approach believers definitely causes some to step back. But, the gospel is still the power of God to salvation, and so many who love Jesus want to share him, and not freak out or overcomplicate it.

May this video encourage you today.


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