As a bivocational pastor (in addition to my main role as a seminary prof) I know something of the demands on the time of pastors. But we would all agree that of all the things we are called to do, equipping our people to share Jesus effectively and consistently should be well up near the top of the list.

May I suggest you equip your people this year with my book Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out? It’s designed to help believers grow in knowing Christ, understanding the gospel, and sharing Jesus in everyday co versatility’s

Here’s a quick overview of how to teach this book and to encourage your flock in sharing Jesus in 2018. The response to this book has been amazing, with scores of testimonies (including many introverts!) of believers becoming more confident in their witness. I pray you will find this a blessing to your ministry.

First, go to and become familiar with the site. There are free resources including eight training videos (1 per week), a promo video, & role-playing videos.

Next, schedule eight weeks for the training. This could be for the whole church on a Sunday or Wednesday night for eight weeks, or through small groups. Churches have done this a variety of ways. Our church did it on Sunday nights. The book is divided into eight short chapters with eight principles. The focus is encouraging in tone, showing the reader how to share Christ in everyday conversations. “Evangelism the way you were born to do it,” as the subtitle says.

The idea is that even as physical fitness takes time, growing in your witness doesn’t happen overnight. But eight weeks can make a big difference!

At the end of the book you will find an eight-week journey. This includes questions for discussion as you do a session per week. Most teach it as follows:

—Set up an eight-week teaching schedule at the best time for your people.

—Show the Promo Video prior to beginning the study.

—Get a copy of the book for every person. NOTE: If you order the book from Lifeway, any order of 20 or more drops the price at checkout to $5.00 each!

—Encourage each person to read the chapter for that week and to come ready to learn.

—Show the video from the website (with me teaching to a live audience, each about 20-25 minutes).

—Facilitate discussion based on the chapter and reading (questions in the back can help). Encourage participants to commit to the 8-Week Challenge.
Encourage testimonies weekly of participants who speak to others about Jesus.

—The last week has specific helps for developing a lifestyle of living out the gospel. Encourage participants to see the training as the starting of a lifestyle not as a box to check.

Participants can also go to or Doc Alvin Reid’s youtube channel for more helpful information.

I’m also very excited to be giving an overview of the book in a variety of churches and at conferences this spring. Whenever I can help kick off or encourage a church I do! I have a limited number of times I can still do that this spring, so email me if interested

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