New Books for You in February 2015

Today I’m doing something I haven’t done in years but something I definitely enjoy: speaking to a great group of students at Student Leadership University’s 101 in Orlando. One of the things students hear is a great reminder for us all: who you become is based in no small way on the people you meet, the books you read, and the places you go. I like to add this starts with meeting Jesus, reading His Word, and going to the cross.

As we are already over halfway through the first month of the year (time is racing!) I wanted to pick up on this saying and mention a couple of books I have coming out in February which would make great additions to your library (my books are great cures for insomnia, after all).

First, a book on revival. John Avant has been one of my best friends since seminary days. In 1995, his church in Texas experienced a powerful movement of God that eventually touched many churches and over 100 college campuses according to the late Bill Bright. A book was produced on this movement at Coggin Avenue Baptist Church and Howard Payne University, and its spread to Wheaton College and other places. This month marks 20 years since that movement, so we are offering an updated book entitled Revival Revived that includes the stories of the movement but adds an update on where many of those college students are now. It also adds a couple of chapters on things John and I have learned about revival. This book is especially for: college students and youth (and their leaders) hungry for revival; pastors and others who seek to revitalize their churches; any believer who hungers for God.












Second, I am thrilled to release a book written with our son Josh on student ministry in February with Rainer Publishing. The book is entitled Get Out: Student Ministry in the Real World  The book is a follow-up to my book As You Go and features practical helps on getting out of the church office into the public schools and communities around us. It includes many examples from student pastors, a crash course on witness training for students, and a variety of ideas to be missional in our communities. This book is especially for: student pastors and workers; students who seek to reach their peers; parents of youth; school teachers and administrators; and, pastors who seek to have student ministries that are effective in reaching youth. As Jason Gaston of Summit Church said in his endorsement of the book, get 2 copies, one for you and one to give to a student pastor you know!


Writing offers a way for me to encourage and equip leaders. These specific books aim at both inspiring and equipping you to understand more about the work of God in revival and in the practical work of reaching students today. I pray these will bless you!

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