Friday Is for Fitness: Smoothie Love

The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite,
but the belly of the wicked suffers want.  Proverbs 13:25

The past few weeks I have received some not so good news about my lower spine. It seems I have a combination of congenital and degenerative issues: I was born with an unusually narrow spine, which is now catching up with me, and I have a propensity toward degenerative arthritis in my bones, particularly in my lower lumbar region. The good news is I can continue to exercise and in fact need to do so, particularly in my core area. Exercise is like therapy for me, so I thank God for this.

I also had my annual physical (you should do that annually if you are not already). In summary, I was told that I have the body of a 40 year old but the lower spine of a 90 year old.

So, although I’ve lost about 40 pounds from a few years ago I decided (and my doctors suggested) that losing another 15 or so pounds would only help my ailing spine. But that last ten or fifteen is the hardest, so what to do?

I have found and fallen in love with smoothies. No, not the ones you get at a fast food place. Homemade, delicious, healthy, and filling smoothies. I’m no pro at them so I welcome suggestions, but I have found a pretty good system so far.

If you want to lose weight by exercising alone, good luck. You can lose a whole pound of fat if you do 7000 crunches, so have at it. Or, you can exercise and eat differently. I’ve lost eight pounds the past 3-4 weeks by switching to a smoothie for at least one, and sometimes two meals a day, plus eating sensibly the rest of the time.

A confession: I tried one of those veggie smoothies with Kale and similar ingredients. Not this guy. If I don’t like it I’m not going to eat it, nor will you.

Here is a typical smoothie, the one I made yesterday:

One medium banana

Five big strawberries (I always have berries as they have nutrients other fruits do not)

A quarter avocado (a very good food for you that I hate, so I blend it in)

A scoop of high quality protein powder (not the cheap WalMart version)

A cup of almond milk

A cup of spinach (you can’t taste this “super food,” but it does make the thing green)

Finally, my secret ingredient: a half cup of oatmeal. This addition makes me full until the next meal, plus oats are good for you.

I fill up the blender with water and let her rip. This makes two whole meals.

Two more things: first, I am not an expert, but an eager student at diet and fitness. Second, my motivation is spiritual as much as physical, as I want to take the best care of myself possible to serve The Lord for the longest time possible. I will not let health issues get me down, but I will discipline myself for the purpose of godliness.

Let me know  your smoothie recipes. And if you also want to bring together your spiritual and physical life, check out my little book Physical Fitness and Its Spiritual Impact. You can get it for only 2.99 here on Kindle, or as a print book for a little more here.

I have to go, it’s time for a smoothie!


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