Friday Fire: Revival and College Students–My Podcast with the Collegiate Collective

This past Monday I had the honor of recording a podcast with my friend Brian Frye of the North American Mission Board as part of a college resource called the Collegiate Collective.

We talked about what revival is and the role of college students in revival. This is an outstanding resource for anyone in the local church or a parachurch ministry affiliated with college students, or for parents or students themselves.

The link to the podcast and the site is HERE. Check it out, and note these points discussed in the podcast:

Key Questions:

  • How does a “revival” differ from an “awakening”?
  • How significant of a role have college students have played in the history of revival and awakening?
  • What has been the role of prayer in historical revivals?

Notable Points:

  • “Revival is a movement of God, on the people of God, creating a fresh passion for God, that leads to an advancement of the gospel.”
  • The story of history is that college-aged people lead the movement during seasons of revival. “The Great Awakening was a youth movement.” – Jonathan Edwards
  • Studying the stories of awakenings of the past can help collegiate ministers and students understand how God may be at work today.
  • “A sailor doesn’t produce or control the wind, but a good sailor knows how to harness the wind to move the boat forward.” G. Campbell Morgan
  • “The Church was born in a prayer meeting” (Acts 1)


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