Facebook Friends over 40

DEAR FB FRIENDS OVER 40: For me FB is a ministry to young people and younger leaders. So, since FB has the annoying rule of allowing only 5000 friends and I am near that, I must delete my older friends to make room for more young people. That is delaying the inevitable but it has bought me some time :-). Feel free to follow me on twitter @alvinreid, keep up with an RSS feed from my website alvinreid.com, or join my fan page at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000022335138&v=info&ref=hpbday#/pages/Alvin-Reid/53134632696?ref=ts. Sorry but FB fails at this point :-).

Whatever your age if you primarily follow me via twitter or via rss from my website, it won’t hurt my feelings a bit if you delete me from your FB :-).

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