“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

We all have things we love to do, those things that make us feel alive. As a teacher I’m most in my element when I’m helping believers grow in their faith. I particularly love helping believers overcoming their fear of sharing Christ.

That’s why I wrote Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out, and why I added some features to this one not seen in previous books. My friends at B&H Academic get much love for their help with this, along with my friends Brian Upshaw of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and pastor Matt Capps, who let me videotape the training for the book at his church.

If you go to the landing page for the book you will find a number of resources to help you personally or help you in helping others to grow in their witness. First, you will see a high quality promotional video you can show at your church or ministry to prepare people to study the book. Second, you will find a series of eight videos where I teach through each chapter.  You can also see real-life, role-played videos of gospel conversations where people are led to Christ.

Note: these videos, from 15-30 minutes in length, are FREE for your use. I didn’t want to put together some elaborate, expensive training module. You can order copies of the book in bulk for only $5 each, and then if you wish you can watch the videos as you read through each chapter. You can follow the videos with discussion from each chapter. Here are at least eight ways you can go through the book to grow in sharing Jesus:

1. Individually, learning more about yourself and your witness;

2. With a small group: in a formal class at church or in a home gathering;

3. As a student ministry or some other larger format, equipping the whole ministry;

4. As a group of Christian business leaders growing in your witness in the workplace;

5. As a family, going through it as a couple or with your children and applying specifically to your  neighborhood;

6. As a college ministry helping students live out the gospel by word and deed on the campus;

7. As a Sunday night series taking your church through the study;

8. In a mentoring setting where you work through the book with those you mentor.

In addition, the book concludes with an eight-week challenge.  The challenge is also noted at the landing page where you can sign up for it. You can walk through that with any of the scenarios above as well.

I compare growing in witness with growing in fitness. Just as a healthy commitment to an eight week fitness regimen is far more likely to help you get in shape than a random approach to fitness, following an eight week journey will help you grow in your witness as well.

Whether as an individual believer, a parent, a minister, or other leader, I pray this study will encourage you to share Jesus without freaking out about it, and share Jesus the way he created you to do it!

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