I’ve never met a minister who completed a theologically rich and practically helpful degree at a seminary who regretted it. They probably exist, I just don’t know them. I’ve met far too many who regret later in life the failure to prioritize theological education while young. I’ve also met some who threw a lot of money down a rat hole to get a degree that was neither theologically and biblically rich or helpful in applying what they learned in a church.

That’s why I love teaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We get what doesn’t change: an inerrant Bible, the Great Commission, and the value of the local church, for instance. We also get now, and seek to teach ministry useful in a changing world. That’s why I’m happy today to let you know of a great offer for those of you who have put off earning your degree. The month of May we are waiving the application fee for our M.Div. ¬†You can apply here, and use the code “MDivMay.”

If that’s not enough to convince you, check out this video my colleague and co-author George Robinson and I did a while back. Get you some learnin’ and get your life wrecked!

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