I’m getting some great testimonies from pastors and others who are using Sharing Jesus WIthout Freaking Out in their churches. Here is one from pastor Dave Edwards in Oklahoma.

Last spring I recorded eight videos, one for each chapter of the book. I did this to allow churches, college and student ministries, and small groups to go through the book gradually and to make weekly application. Pastor Dave’s been showing the videos (available at the Landing Page) and then leading discussions over eight weeks. Here is his testimony:

As a pastor, sometimes it’s hard to find a study that my church family and I both enjoy and can relate to. Doc Reid has written an amazing, practical and encouraging study in Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out . I have thoroughly enjoyed it and the feedback I’m getting from my church is extremely positive. This study is really encouraging our folks to share their faith and engage in more daily conversations with unbelievers. They tell me about different ways they’re paying better attention to the Divine appointments and responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.

The sad reality is that most professing Christians are not actively sharing their faith. The whole idea of evangelism freaks many Christians out. Doc Reid addresses that reality and helps disarms those fears. This study is encouraging so many to recognize that they don’t have to witness like Billy Graham or some other famous preacher or evangelist. The subtitle is “Evangelism the way you were born to do it.”  It’s all about equipping believers to engage in normal, everyday conversations and share their faith in their own unique way.

I met Doc Reid at last year’s Amplify Conference in Wheaton, IL. He gave us a preview of the study and I was looking forward to getting his book as soon as it became available. I was not disappointed. The book is thorough, Biblical and practical. The video sessions are engaging.

Doc’s illustrations are personal and authentic. The application and discussion questions are excellent for generating healthy dialogue as it relates to our everyday conversations with people who need to know Jesus. Great job, Doc! Thank you for encouraging and equipping us to Share Jesus without freaking out!

Pastor Dave Evans, Highland Baptist Church, Moore, OK

If you have a testimony like this please let me hear it! You can submit stories like this at the landing page to encourage others.

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