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SPRING 2017:

SHARING JESUS WITHOUT FREAKING OUT: The book that will help regular folks who love Jesus live to make Him known to those who don’t yet know Him. It’s time to move from gospel presentations to gospel conversations, from specialists to normal people living for Jesus in gospel-focused ways.  READ MORE HERE.


WITH: A Practical Guide to Informal Mentoring shows how you can be a mentor by involving a younger person(s) in the every day affairs of life, pretty much like Jesus did it. Co-written with my colleague and legendary disciple-maker George Robinson, this book will equip you to mentor in our everyday world. Every leader should also be a mentor, and this offers practical ways to do so. 

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Ministry was never meant to be confined by the walls of a church building. Get Out is about turning your youth group (inward, me-focused) into a student ministry (outward, Jesus-focuses). With practical suggestions, Alvin Reid and Josh Reid will help your ministry Get Out.

Order your hard copy HERE.  Really honored to write this book with our son Josh with Rainer Publishing. Check out more Rainer Publishing books here.

What People are saying:

Get Out! Every Student Pastor on the planet knows it should be a defining reality of their ministry, yet so few actually execute it. Being with people is not a ministry strategy, it’s an implication of the gospel itself. Get Out offers Student Pastors a theological framework and some very helpful ideas on getting out of your office and meeting students where they are. Buy a couple copies of this book; one for yourself and one for another Student Pastor. Jason Gaston, Student Pastor, The Summit Church, RDU, North Carolina

There is not a book that Dr. Alvin Reid has written that I have not read. Every one of them has pushed and challenged me as a leader and minister. Get Out, once again, is a must read. I have always said, “If you ain’t amongst ‘em, you ain’t reaching ‘em.” This father and son book gives you the practical on the why and how of getting “amongst ‘em.” I believe every one in ministry should pick this book up and read it, no matter if you do Sr Adult ministry, Pre School Ministry or anywhere in-between. Once read, you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to be a minister TO your community, not just in your community. Brian Mills, Executive Teaching/Ministries Pastor, Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, Tennessee

The first sentence on the first page of the introduction is all it took to hook me because of an identical experience which left in an indelible mark on my own parenting practices! A very powerful and convincing package…a book on missional student ministry by the “Prof” of millennial missional living matched with his millennially-focused son who currently serves as a Student Ministry Pastor! Because of this profound pairing this book is a marvelous blend of the practical and the theoretical, featuring real-time examples from seasoned Student Ministry veterans who are “getting out” of the church campus to the school campus and community! Victor Flores, Pastor of Student Ministries, Bell Shoals Baptist Church, Brandon, Florida

Packed with practical insight and ministry suggestions, the reader will be tempted to bypass the foundational principles that the authors build upon and jump right to experimentation with new ideas. The practical helps come from years of combined ministry experiences and the unique father-son perspective that is grounded in a commitment to disciplemaking that began at home. Alvin and Josh wisely provide a biblical and historical context that begins with prayer and the centrality of the gospel and calls the reader to embrace the missionary call to Get Out. Combining years of ministry and life experience while also calling on veteran youth ministry practitioners, Alvin and Josh provide a biblical and historical context for an “out of the church building—into the community” understanding of student ministry. Their unique father- son perspective is grounded in a commitment to disciple making that began at home. Now, this experience provides foundational and practical insight for all who resonate with the call to Get Out and make disciples of the next generation in any setting. Matthew D. Kearns, Dmin, Leadership Development Team Leader, Missouri Baptist Convention, SBC

Get Out is an incredible resource that every student pastor and volunteer should read. The book gives great examples from scripture and testimonies of student guys who are engaged in mission which make this book a powerful resource. Alvin and Josh also lay out a clear strategy for engaging leaders and students to be mission immediately. Pick up a copy for you and a student ministry friend! Jeff Borton, Student Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Miami

From the FOREWORD by Brent Crowe, PhD, Student Leadership University:

In Get Out: Student Ministry in the Real World these men sound the alarm on what should be essential for any ministry, regardless of philosophy or methodology. Every student ministry should have an ongoing presence outside of the church where the daily comings and goings of student life take place. In many ways this book exists to guard the student pastor’s thinking from excuses and serve as a catalyst for ways of engagement. Alvin and Josh write with a healthy underlying assumption, one cannot follow Jesus in leading a ministry and never stand at the crossroads where culture intersects with a teenager. If you agree with this assumption then the following pages will serve you well. Get Out will serve as a resource on your shelf you return to over and over to prime the pump on ways to engage. The authors have successfully provided us a simple roadmap and collection of practical helps affording the leader to be more Great Commission focused.

Evangelism Handbook: Biblical, Spiritual, Intentional, Missional


From the Publisher: The Evangelism Handbook is a thorough guide to the daily ministry of sharing Christ. Writer and professor Alvin Reid is particularly concerned about how the Western Church is practicing evangelism—its failure to reach the hardcore unchurched and its trend of losing young people faster than it can win them.

With all of that in mind, Reid organizes his research and experience in effective evangelism into four categories:
Biblical (The Mission of God, Jesus, Paul, Acts, theology, history)
Spiritual (the work of the Spirit, power of prayer, etc)
Intentional (leadership, creativity, worship)
and Missional (church planting, reaching the unchurched)

To read an excerpt click here




In 1995 God touched the Coggin Avenue Baptist Church and Howard Payne University in a movement of revival that spread to many churches and colleges throughout the spring of that year. This book offers a 20 year look back at the original eyewitness testimonies. It adds a chapter examining where some of the students touched then are today. Further, Avant and Reid add chapters on what they have learned since those days. The book offers college students in particular and believers in general a hopeful look at what God can do.

Order your copy HERE.

Firefall 2.0

Firefall 2.0


FIREFALL 2.0: How God Has Shaped History Through Revivals.

Today many believers recognize that our culture has changed and the Western Church’s gospel influence has waned. This has happened before, and at times in the past God has revived His church. From these movements a renewed church made remarkable impact on their world, including evangelistic growth and a healthy focus on meeting social needs.  FIREFALL2.0 gives the reader a panoramic view of how God has moved in history and moves in our time. This updated version will be available in print and digital formats. Study questions concluding each chapter and comments throughout the text will help leaders to teach the material to small groups or the whole church. 

Print copy HERE  Ebook copy HERE



AS YOU GO: Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students (Navpress). This book has already become a staple for many youth pastors seeking to move their ministries from an event-driven focus to a more missional posture. Note: you can also get DNow small group material for your DNow or camp at the media page here.

Get your print copy HERE or HERE, kindle version HERE.

Here are what leaders are saying about the book:

As You Go is the book so many in youth ministry have been hungry for but nobody had written. Gospel-rich, theologically sound, immensely practical, and immediately helpful, Dr. Reid has provided an exceptional gift to the evangelical church with this work. Get it, study it, and get more to give away. This book is the biblical antidote to so much silliness and superficiality damaging the discipleship culture in our churches. It needs to go far and wide.”– Jared C. Wilson, pastor and author

“Now that is a Youth Ministry book I can read! As You Go situates youth ministry in its proper place–within the whole of a gospel-driven, missional church–not as second service to a younger generation. Sourced in the right literature, Reid makes a unique contribution. He calls for the blending of missional ecclesiology and Christ-centered identity in order to release a wave of well discipled students who love the church and are dialed into God’s mission. Pastors and parents should read this book and collaborate for a future generation of diverse, culture-renewing, Christ-proclaiming missionaries who turn the world upside down. I look forward to implementing these insights and watching the Spirit move through the next generation.”–Jonathan K. Dodson, Founding Pastor of City Life Church and author of Gospel-Centered Discipleship & Unbelievable Gospel: How to Share a Gospel Worth Believing

“In As You Go, Alvin Reid calls us to empower our students to live and give the missional message of Jesus. With compelling clarity, Reid reminds us that the entertainment-driven, milquetoast, sin management model of youth ministry has consistently led to a graduation evacuation from the Church. What students need is a deep, rich understanding of the gospel story and a rallying call to action for a Cause larger than themselves.  And that Cause is the mission and message of Jesus. Reid unpacks the youth ministry implications of the simple, yet profound, truth that our students are missionaries – not because of where they live, but because they’ve been given a mission by Jesus Himself.  As You Go provides practical insights for unleashing students to find a God-focused vision for their lives, so that every single day is an opportunity to be part of God’s mission.”—Greg Stier, President of Dare 2 Share

“The resurgence of a generation desiring to exist for more than simply an American dream is rising!  The quote “future leaders of our churches” are not content in waiting for a future opportunity to serve, but eagerly desire to be apart of a global compaign that “finishes the mission” of Jesus.  Alvin Reid reveals in this resource the urgent necessity to infuse in the hearts of this generation to carry the name of Jesus by first and foremost loving the ‘Gospel’.  This is a must read resource for all those in the trenches of student ministry and should be considered highly as a shaping tool to redefine and reclarify the direction of your ministry towards keeping the Gospel the resounding anthem!”–Ed Newton, Bible Communicator

“Alvin Reid not only understands student ministry, he loves students! His passion to see teenagers discipled and growi in the Gospel is evident in “As You Go”. Reid’s Gospel centered approach to student ministry is instrumental for engaging students to live a missional life for a lifetime. This book will be an asset for your ministry as you lead students to be more like Jesus.”–Jeff Borton, Pastor of Students  Christ Fellowship, Miami

“What student ministry needs is what this book proposes. This is a return to a first century imperative with a twenty-first century practice. It will be required reading for our staff.”–Matt Lawson, High School Pastor, First Baptist Woodstock and author of TWISDOM

“Todays student ministry is on the move and Dr Reid is helping drive that ship by pushing us towards missional living.  Today’s teenagers are more focused on the newest phone, app or social media site instead of being bothered by the world in which they live and have the desire to do something about it.  Dr Reid in this book challenges the youth pastor, volunteer, pastor, parent and teen to take a look at how we are leading and living missionally according to scripture.  Everyone needs to pick up this book and read it, but read it slowly.  I pray this book speaks into the lives of many youth pastors and leaders and challenges all of us to lead as we go.”–Brian Mills, Student Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN

“I’ve been one of those voices calling teenagers to total-life purity. But getting teenagers through high school without babies is not the ultimate goal. I’ve been one of those voices calling youth ministry in the direction of the family. But families holding hands and singing Kumbaya in the den is not the ultimate goal. Getting the whole gospel to the whole world is the ultimate goal. And Alvin Reid’s new book proudly proclaims that missional youth groups are central to that goal. Not only that, he nails the process required. First, youth ministers, volunteers, and parents falling so madly in love with Christ that their DNA becomes missional. Then, splashing that all over a young generation. Reid’s book quickly will propel any church from Chubby Bunny to international impact.”–Richard Ross, PhD, is professor of youth ministry at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth.

“My first exposure to the work and passion of Dr. Alvin Reid was years ago when I discovered one of his early books, Light The Fire on a recommendation from another in student ministry. It was obvious to me then and still today that he has a pulse on this generation of students. In his new book, As You Go he again has brought much needed dialogue to the conversation about creating students that are true disciples moving from great consumers to Great Commissioners.  I, like Dr. Reid believe that it begins and ends with the Gospel, not just for students, but for all people.”–J. Roger Davis, President, Student Life

“Dr. Alvin Reid is a flaming ball of ministry phenomenon. He is peerlessly scholastic yet warmly comedic. Both of these traits seep through the sentences of his book, ‘As YOU Go’. Dr. Reid inspires with his winsome southern charm, yet informs with a heart and intellect that beats for a coming kingdom. The marvel of this book is it’s profundity in a conversational tone. I’m confident this book will be a catalyst for the next great awakening, which up until this work, student leaders and parents have only dreamed about.” Tony Nolan

Alvin Reid “gets it!” Those are the exact words I kept saying to my wife as I read this book sitting next to her on the plane. Alvin understands that to have effective biblical student ministries you must have a firm grasp on theology and methodology. He has crafted a model in “As You Go-Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students” that can and should be implemented in student ministries globally. —Mike Calhoun Executive Assistant to the President, Word of Life Fellowship Inc, and Author of Where Was God When: Real Answers to Hard Questions

Alvin Reid stands apart among educators as a high-energy, proactive and experienced leader in the field of youth ministry. When he speaks, people want to hear. Once again, Alvin has articulately put into words what many youth leaders have recently been sensing.  Instead of bemoaning the challenges, errors–and yes, even failures–of youth ministry, Alvin has cast a powerful light on the way forward…and by that I mean the biblical way forward. “Missional” is the word Alvin uses for youth ministry in the 21st century. This description of youth ministry not only implies that there is a point to youth ministry other than baby-sitting or entertaining; it also implies that youth ministry has a purposeful role in God’s mission to restore His glory.  You will be highly engaged while you read this book and greatly motivated when you put it down! That’s just what we need in youth ministry today. As usual, that is what Alvin brings. Read this book; then go thou and do what it says! –Roger Glidewell Founder & President, Global Youth Ministry/Global Institute for Youth Leadership

41guQw7nwpL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_SERVANT EVANGELISM (with David Wheeler). Print copy HERE, kindle version HERE.  Just released late 2013, this book will help churches to show and share Christ. Including a chapter filled with examples and a step-by-step training guide, this book can help move your people from seat sitters to serving their community.


ReVITALize Your Church Through Gospel Recovery. Order a copy HERE. Are you a church leader seeking revitalization in your church? This small book looks at the central need of churches: to recover the beautiful gospel of Jesus. Each chapter offers an example from a revitalizing pastor in history and further suggestions for reading. Your church’s best days could be ahead of you!


PHYSICAL FITNESS AND ITS SPIRITUAL IMPACT. Order HERE. Too many believers (and ministers in particular) look just like the culture around us: overweight, out of shape, not caring for the temple of the Holy Spirit– our bodies. In a non-legalistic way, this book offers hope through practical insights regarding the relationship between our physical fitness and our spiritual discipline. Numerous real life examples of people who won the “battle of the bulge” dot the book as well.



The Book of Matches was written by Dr. Reid and Ashley Gorman as a guide for young adults on dating, relationships, and marriage from a gospel perspective. Humorous yet centered firmly in a relationship with Christ, this is must reading for singles. Order here, and check out the website here.


THE STORY ESV BIBLE (Editor). Order HERE. This version has the entire Story gospel presentation at the beginning. Each book of the Bible begins with an introduction explaining how that book relates to the grand narrative Creation Fall Rescue Restoration.


Many of history’s greatest movements of spiritual renewal have been based in radical Christian obedience. And while generally overlooked, the truth is that many of history’s “great awakenings” started with young adults. Written by youth expert Alvin Reid,Join the Movement is an invitation and a challenge to young adults to wholeheartedly commit to seeing God change the world—through them! Order the book

Convergent Church: MIssional Worshipers in an Emerging Culture


From the Publisher: This thought-provoking volume seeks to understand and evaluate the currents of the ecclesiastical scene. Authors Alvin Reid and Mark Liederbach combine the strengths of conventional Christianity with the best contributions of the emerging church to envision a “convergent” church. This new model attempts to move beyond the antipathy that has developed between conventional and emergent groups and urges Christians to honestly consider the best that each camp has to offer. Reid and Liederbach find biblical support for their new model of convergent Christianity in the ministry and teachings of the early Christians in Acts, and draw helpful parallels between the early church and the modern church.


From the publisher: Today’s generation of teens, the Millennial generation, is marked by teamwork, authenticity, and a “can-do” attitude. They are much more than kids finishing childhood—a perspective many in the church have and that drives what often happens in youth group—they are young adults with incredible potential who need to learn how to be Christian adults. This compelling book provides an impassioned plea for the church to set a higher standard; to reinvent the fundamental ways we have ministered to teens and their families.

From the Publisher: Unthinkable only decades ago, America is now raising up generations of people who are “radically unchurched”-those who have had little contact with a Christ-centered church and have no clear understanding of the gospel message. This state of affairs isn’t likely to change unless Christians can communicate the significance of their message to a culture that regards the church as irrelevant and outmoded.Calling for a passionate overhaul of how Christians see and interact with individuals outside the church, Reid demonstrates a clear understanding of the distinction between the changeless basics of the faith and negotiable traditions, programs, and artifacts. He examines the causes behind the loss of America’s Christian identity and the resulting failure of the American church to understand and utilize the New Testament pattern of penetrating an indifferent culture with the gospel. Reid offers proven strategies for touching people who desperately need to be confronted with life-changing Christianity.



Other books by Alvin Reid





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  2. Dear Dr. Reid,

    I have been enjoying EVANGELISM HANDBOOK as I have been working through it since the start of the year.

    Is it possible, can you please tell me, is the narrative on pp.162-163 regarding HOW THIS WORKS a true story?

    Thank you very much in advance for your kind reply and no worries either way, I’m just curios.

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