In our Southern Baptist Convention we have developed a fellowship of professors who teach evangelism as all or part of their role in academia. My friend Tom Johnston at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has been instrumental in this group’s growth and connectivity. This year I’m blessed to serve as president of the group, known as SBC Evangelism Profs.

I sent an email to all the professors the other day. I included a prayer I will be praying for them and for me as we go through this academic year. While applied to evangelism profs, I think it’s appropriate for faculty at any confessional school committed to the great commission. It’s simple, like me. Perhaps it will encourage you:

I pray that we who teach evangelism, or other disciplines in the name of Christ, will:

–Be continual learners, teaching with humility.

–Teach with passion, insight, knowledge, and wisdom.

–Love our students and lead them by precept and example.

–See souls won to Christ personally–may we live what we teach.

–Be excellent scholars, not sloppy in our intellectual growth (I especially pray we will set the pace for the excellent writing of books, articles, and in the presentations of papers and such)

–Be wonderful colleagues to the fellow faculty whom God gives us to serve alongside.

–Be consistent in our personal and family life with what we say in our public life.

–Be devoted to God’s church.

May this year be a year that honors our king Jesus.

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