Here is the fourth step from the final chapter of the Sharing Jesus book to develop a consistent plan to share Christ.

Fourth, regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly) stop to assess your plan with an accountability partner or mentor. Perhaps find a fellow believer to join you in your witnessing efforts on occasion.

My specific accountability partner is Jim Gillespie, men’s pastor at our church.

But I have others as well. As a professor, I am accountable to my students. It’s vital for me to speak regularly of those I’ve shared Christ with. As a part time pastor, I’m accountable to the young pros ministry I lead as well. I’m especially aware of my accountability to my grandson Lincoln and his generation!

Ultimately, I’m accountable to the Lord. I feel no pressure — none, nada, nil — to witness because God will be angry at me on the one hand or because I earn his favor on the other. I do want to honor and obey him, and I do care about people, so I want to be faithful and effective in sharing Jesus.

Accountability is a good thing. It’s why support groups are helpful and personal trainers are useful. To whom are you accountable for your witness! It helps with fitness and other areas of life, so it will help with your witness as well!

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