A New Resource for Student Ministry from Some Great Friends

Student pastors and pastors often ask me about curriculum for their students. Thankfully a growing variety of helpful resources are being produced nowadays. I wanted to let you know about one produced by some dear friends of mine.

The Long Hollow Baptist Church ranks as one of my favorites. I have had the honor of speaking to their students on several occasions and at their camp last year. In particular at camp I spoke to over 100 students who sense a call to ministry. I love what God is doing there.

Rachel Lovingood, an outstanding writer who has been involved in the process of creating the curriculum has this to say about Impact Resources:

“Impact Resources was created to make Biblical curriculum available to student ministries that are serious about raising up a generation that is counter cultural. We desire to see youth who know the Word and who live like it. Everything we offer follows the same formula of maximum Bible + relevant application = maximum life change. Student ministry volunteers love streamlined format and easy to follow lessons.”

For more information about Impact Resources contact Rachel directly at

Rachel@rachellovingood.com .

Rachel’s husband Jeff is one of my best friends on earth and a co-teacher with me at Southeastern. And, he is my DMin student. A veteran of student ministry for over 30 years, here are his thoughts on the materials:

“I have invested my ministry in the lives of students and the THRU curriculum is what we have needed for years. With the lessons being focused on one main spiritual Truth, students are able to understand not only the Bible but how it applies to their everyday lives. Nothing is more exciting than seeing life change and getting students into the Word is one of the most effective avenues to bring about that kind of change. As student ministry leaders we must be intentional about overcoming the Biblical illiteracy plaguing our students today.”

Jeff Lovingood, Next Generation Minister, Long Hollow.

And, here are the thoughts of Youth Pastor Brian Mills:

“Impact Resources is a collection of resources that have been used by myself and Long Hollow Student Ministry.  Each piece, THRU, B4UGO & Out of the Grey have all challenged our students in the spiritual life and personal life.  I have found no better resource to use for small groups than Impact Resources.”

Brian Mills, Youth Pastor at Long Hollow

You can see and order the materials here. Our friends at Student Leadership University have made the materials easily accessible through their site.

I thank God for a day in which creative people on the front lines of ministry produce materials for the larger church.

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