A Great Tool for the Great Commission: The Story Bible

Yesterday I had a chance to speak to about 250 leaders, mostly SBC but also including Lutheran, Charistmatic, and other groups, as part of the Loving Houston emphasis. The training was hosted by the Union Baptist Association in Houston. I loved being back in the city where I started as a full time professor at Houston Baptist University back in 1992. I saw old friends and made a lot of new ones.

I had three hours to teach The Story to the leaders. Getting three hours was a rare treat and I made the most of it. What a great response. These servants of Christ love the city and understand that the unchanging gospel must be understood by believers and shared with the lost in a way that clearly connects them to the greatness of our God and His redemptive plan.

I also told them about the just-released Story Bible. I think I could have sold hundreds of copies if I had them with me. The buzz about this resource greatly encouraged me. Crossway has done a fantastic service to the church by producing this resource. It includes the Story booklet at the beginning, a brief Bible study that shows God’s great plan of redemption in Scripture: Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration. Then, each book of the Bible has an introduction that shows how that book fits into the Word’s larger metanarrative.

I have already given this Bible to several people who do not know Christ, some who had no Bible, and one who has never really read it. I will be using this resource as a tool for evangelizing the lost and discipling the saved. I especially encourage student pastors to get this for your students.

I love teaching the Story to leaders, believers, and to youth. So many in the church have lost a vision of the Bible as one great and beautiful Story that makes sense of all of life, and of the gospel that helps them to see just how life changing a relationship with Jesus is. I love sharing the Story to unbelievers.

By the way, the good folks at Spread Truth have developed a Workshop training for the Story, which is what I use in classes and churches. It is ideal for a Friday night and Saturday training. I plan on doing this a lot in the days to come.

To find out more about the Story ESV Bible, click here.

To find out about the Story Training, click here.

To read the Story or to share with a friend, click here.

In the great awakenings, the churches recovered the gospel in its power, and as a result many (both in the church and outside) came to Christ. I see signs of this today, and I want to be a part of that movement.

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