A few days from now Michelle and I will be in Chicago celebrating Christmas with our daughter Hannah, son-in-law Corey, and our grandson Lincoln. I’m excited for all the obvious reasons, but now I’m excited for yet another one.  There’s nothing I want more for Lincoln than that he understand the beauty and glory of the gospel Story. Next week we are going to be watching a beautiful short film about that Story. Here’s the good news about this good news: you can watch it today!

My friends at Spread Truth, who brought us The Story as a fantastic tool for sharing Christ, have done it again. This time they’ve created the Storymaker, a short film about the gospel Story especially for children. It is beautiful. Watch it for yourself, but if you are involved with children at any level, please check it out. Better, watch it with them.

You can now watch the film HERE. Please help spread the word on your social media platforms, at your church, and with others. Let’s let everyone know this great Story!

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