Books on Revival/Awakening

I’ve been asked recently to recommend some books on spiritual awakening/revival. The following should not be considered either an academic list or a complete one, but offers some suggested reading. There seems to be a growing interest in the subject, for which I thank God. I’m not including hyperlinks or other helps because I honestly don’t have time and you have google :-) . And, yes, as I have been and will be writing on the subject I will throw in some of my own.

I would suggest reading in four categories:
1. Historical Surveys
2. Theological Works
3. Primary Sources.
4. Biographies of Leaders.

For those unfamiliar with the history of revival I would suggest you begin with a survey of these movements. Here are two books:
–Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge, God-Shaped Vision. A very fine recent book.
–Malcolm McDow and Alvin Reid. Firefall 2.0. In May of this year Malcolm and I will release a new version of our survey of revivals from Moses to the new Millennium.

For theological works, check these books:
Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Revival.
Richard Owen Roberts. Revival!
Arnold Dallimore. Revival and Revivalism.

For primary sources the list is almost endless, so feel free to suggest your own in the comments. Here are a few that have blessed me (many of these are free online):
Jonathan Edwards, The Works of Edwards.
Charles Finney. Lectures on Revival.
[Note: reading Edwards and Finney will give you two differing takes on the subject, but these two must be read by anyone serious about studying modern revival movements in the West.]
Philip Spener. Pia Desideria.
Samuel Irenaeus Prime. The Power of Prayer (on the Union Prayer Meetings in 1857-58).
George Whitefield. Journals.
John Wesley. Journals.
Edward Plowman. The Jesus Movement.

Biographies. Same as primary sources. I would love to hear your favorites. Some of mine:
Andrew Bonar. Robert Murray McCheyne.
Arnold Dallimore. Goerge Whitefield [he has a massive 2 volume and a more popular 1 volume.]
Arnold Dallimore. Spurgeon.
John Pollock. Moody.
George Marsden. Jonathan Edwards.
A Skevington Wood. John Wesley. [This is an older work that to my knowledge is out of print. Subtitled The Burning Heart, it is wonderful.]
Norman Grubb. Rees Howells [A man of prayer in the Welsh Revival.]

Again, this is not exhaustive but I also do not want to exhaust you. I would also mention that I wrote a book called Join the Movement with Kregel aimed at showing young adults how God uses them in movements.

I would love to hear what books you have read on revival that have moved you.

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  1. David PitmanFebruary 28, 2014
    Great list! Greater subject!
  2. Michael KennedyMarch 1, 2014
    Thanks for this list Doc! I have found these books helpful:
    “Why Revival Tarries” – Leonard Ravenhill
    “Praying Hyde” – E. G. Carre (Read this at SEBTS in a class on prayer with Chris Schofield one summer – powerful)
    “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” – Jim Cymbala
  3. Alvin ReidMarch 1, 2014
    Thanks Michael! I have read all those and they are fantastic. Ravenhill rocked my world in seminary.
  4. BillMarch 2, 2014
    Obviously read Fire Fall (had Malcolm McDow at SWBTS), recently read the revised version as well…
    Campus Aflame, Orr
    A God Sized Vision, Hansen
    Faithful Narrative…., Edwards
    Revival, Brian Edwards Here is a link to the account of the 1970 revival at Asbury…. Fascinating.

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