40 Days of Prayer for Cape Town

In late July I will be leading a team to Cape Town, South Africa. We will be working with existing and new churches, evangelizing,and encouraging believers. I will also speak at the Baptist seminary there in classes and in chapel, and will lead a training time for local church leaders.

Prayer lays a foundation for effective work. I have adapted a 28 day prayer guide to a 40 day guide with many of the days (though not all) focused specifically on the trip. Feel free to join us in this endeavor through prayer!

I am listing the first 7 days below and will update weekly. Starting with the guide today will take you all the way to our first day on the ground in Africa. If you start later you can pray for us throughout our time there. Thanks for joining us!

40 days of Prayer for Cape Town

Sunday, June 12 marks 40 days from the day we set foot on the ground in Cape Town. The following prayer guide is designed to help you and the team, and anyone else who wants to join us, in unified, concentrated prayer. We want to arrive in South Africa prayed up, focused, and ready to serve our Great God anyway we can.

As you follow this guide, remember:
1. Have a time of personal worship every day where you get alone with God. This should be a time when you focus your attention on reading the Bible, answering questions, and praying. For the next forty days, use the following as a guide; if possible, be sure to be alone and do away with all distractions.

2. Keep a spiritual journal. Write your thoughts on the passages, your prayers, or your dreams.
3. Be faithful to be involved in your local church, including Sunday School and the regularly scheduled weekly worship services. We want to live what we will be sharing before we go. In addition, pray specifically and daily for the team: Jon Bell, Marlana Branning, Emily Eaton, Blake Everette, Gia Gandolfo, Jonathan and Tessa Going, Jesse Gordon, Ashleigh Grant, Jeremy and Pam Hyatt, Shelly Jeffcoat, Alvin Reid, Hannah Reid, Travis Smith.

4. Be conscious of God’s presence in your life at every moment.
5. Live each day on mission. Although we will be able to set aside whole days for ministry, we really want our service in Africa to be an overflow of our daily lives here.

1. Read John chapter 3.
2. Reflect on the wonder of God in offering us salvation. Remember that God owes us nothing but judgment and hell, but He has lavished His love on us in Christ. Go over in your mind your own testimony of salvation, asking God to help you share that faithfully with people in Africa.
3. Think about the masses of lost people in Cape Town, many of whom we will encounter while there. Ask God to begin preparing the team and those we will encounter for divine appointments.
3. Spiritual Journal:

1. Read Colossians 4:2-4.
2. Begin praying this request of Paul for his team for those on our trip: Jon Bell, Marlana Branning, Emily Eaton, Blake Everette, Gia Gandolfo, Jonathan and Tessa Going, Jesse Gordon, Ashleigh Grant, Jeremy and Pam Hyatt, Shelly Jeffcoat, Alvin Reid, Hannah Reid, Travis Smith.
3. Pray for our team building event on Saturday July 2 (Free Car Wash in Wake Forest for those who can attend)
4. Ask God to give us a love for God and for each other that will be a demonstration of the gospel to those we encounter in Africa.
5. Spiritual Journal:

1. Read Luke 24:44-48.
2. Pray for the leaders with whom we will minister in Africa: Ronnie and Gail Davis (IMB missionaries who have set up the trip), other IMB leaders there. Remember a major part of our ministry involves encouraging those who have planted their lives there, so pray for opportunities to love on them.
3. Pray for the local pastors, seminarians, and other believers we will encounter, for times of exhortation and discipleship.
4. Spiritual Journal:

DAY 4: FOCUS ON THE CHURCHES—New Crossroads Baptist Church:
1. Read Romans 12:5.
2. Pray for the New Crossroads Baptist Church with whom we will minister part of our trip. This church is established yet still young with her first full-time pastor. We will lead the service Sunday morning the first week there and minister in their community evangelistically Monday-Wednesday.
3. Pray for receptive hearts as we survey the community M-W.
4. Pray for a wonderful service of worship the Sunday we are with them.
5. Spiritual Journal:

DAY 5: FOCUS ON THE CHURCHES—Philippi Mission.
1. Read Philippians 1:1-6.
2. Pray for this new mission just started by New Crossroads. Pray for the seminary student who leads this work.
3. Pray for our time with them S-W that we will encourage the core of the plant and the leadership. Pray for great opportunities to share Christ and impact the community while we are there.
4. Spiritual Journal.

DAY 6: FOCUS ON THE CHURCHES—Cape Town Baptist Church:
1. Read Philippians 4:13-19.
2. Pray for this older church that has declined in recent years and has struggled with her ministry in the inner city.
3. Pray for the new pastor who has a passion to reach the city for Christ.
4. Pray that we will be a blessing to this pastor and the members, and we will bear fruit that remains on Thursday and Friday.
5. Spiritual Journal:

1. Read Matthew 6:1-24.
2. Read the following:
It’s Happened Before . . .God Can Do It Again!
Life in the big city was always busy; the schedule of such living was demanding on everyone’s time. Economy was prospering and the “good life” was close at hand . . . except for the war that loomed ahead. One man saw the city from a different perspective. Amidst the hustle and bustle, the laughter and the parties, this man saw the deep spiritual needs of the people. Jeremiah felt that God would have him be an instrument of change in this metropolitan city. Sensing a burden for prayer, Jeremiah took out a full page ad in the paper advertising a weekly prayer meeting at noon, inviting all who could to come. The first prayer meeting was held on September 23, and for the first 30 minutes, he prayed alone. Then there were some footsteps; for the closing moments of this historic prayer meeting, six men knelt to pray for New York.
On the next Wednesday, they met again as planned, and the number grew to 20. When they met during the first week of October, the men felt they should begin to meet daily for prayer;
and so they did. The Fulton Street prayer meetings were underway. What had started as a group of seven men on September 23, 1857, grew to over 10,000 meeting daily for prayer by February of 1858. A wave of revival spread from New York through the Ohio River Valley and on to the West. Thousands met for prayer in cities such as Cincinnati and Chicago. During the next two years, it is recorded that well over 1,000,000 converts were brought into the Kingdom, just before the beginning of the tragic Civil War. Although many were called to be a part of this prayer movement, one man, Jeremiah C. Lanphier, was used by God to begin the Fulton Street prayer meetings. Today we are aware of the role he played in this Great Awakening that was felt across our country, but, ironically, we do not know when he died, or even where he is buried.

3. Answer the following questions with either “yes” or “no”.CIRCLE ONE
a. Do I pray with any consistency? Yes or No
b. Are my prayers usually . . . ____Meaningful ____Empty Words ____Vain Repetitions
c. How much time do I spend in genuine heart-felt prayer every day?
____5 Min. ____10 Min. ____15 Min. ____30 Min. or More
d. Am I satisfied with my daily prayer life? Yes or No

4. Pray. Do you need to confess as sin your lack of time in genuine prayer? Spend time thanking God for the privilege of prayer and for what He did for you on the
cross to make prayer (conversation with God) possible. Perhaps use the ACTS acrostic to help you in your daily prayer: A for Adoration, or giving praise to God; C for Confession, confessing specific sins to God; T for Thanksgiving; and S for Supplication, which means listing your specific requests to God. Continue to pray for revival in your life, for revival in your family, and for revival in the church.

5. Spiritual Journal:

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  1. Dr Reid – THANK YOU – this is a great idea.
    I have one question – will the 40 day guide be available as a PDF (with all 40 days on the one PDF)?
    Again, Thanks Kurt (Urban ACSL South Africa)

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