I didn’t post yesterday. It was a wonderful, full day of ministry as I preached twice at South Tampa Fellowship for my friend JJ Johnson. Last night in the same storm that hit the Pro Bowl over in Orlando I taught a great group of students and adults my Sharing Jesus book. Friday night at First Baptist Naples where my friend Hayes Wicker is pastor, along with missions/evangelism pastor and friend Kevin Taylor, and our own former young pro Shelly Jeffcoat who serves with young ladies, as I taught another room full of teens the book, and did the same for another room full of adults Saturday AM.

Thus, I was pretty tired yesterday. A good tired. I don’t do this kind of schedule much anymore, and when I do it’s after a nice season of rest and stillness. But it’s been a great weekend.

Here’s what I see again and again: young people hungry to impact their friends for Christ. Senior adults still learning and growing, wanting to share Jesus. And folks all ages in between hungry to live for Jesus.

In addition, I met with some young pastors, interns, and missionaries at meals to talk about the things of God. I see a lot of folks in vocational ministry who aren’t happy where they are, who want to make New Testament disciples, the gospel-sharing, people-loving, truth-devouring, hungry followers of Jesus.

Be encouraged. There are plenty in our churches who want more than “show up at church, do the minimum, and go live your life.” Feed them. Challenge them. And get them out telling others about Jesus. He’s bigger than the Grammies, bigger than the State of the Union, bigger than anything.

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