This morning I’m leaving early to head to Fellowship Community Church near Roanoke, Virginia, to teach all day from my new book Sharing Jesus (Without Freaking Out). I’m taking a great young pro couple, Robby and Rachel, whose wedding I officiated last summer. Mentoring on the road!

A lot of churches I know of (and a whole lot more I don’t) will be teaching through my Sharing Jesus  book this year over eight weeks. Whether you do or not, here’s a little video that can be an encouragement in your witness. It’s designed to be a promo for the book or for training, but can be a stand-alone encouragement as well. If you haven’t done so already, check out the landing page for the book HERE. You can order the book for only $5 a copy if you order through (the discount is given at checkout–pretty awesome deal for a hardback). Enjoy!

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