A Listening Guide for the Sharing Jesus {Without Freaking Out} 8-Week Journey

Last night represented yet another incredible night as I taught a couple of hours on the Sharing Jesus book at Rich Forks Baptist Church in Thomasville, NC. A packed house of hungry believers of all ages came. They kept having to add tables and chairs for the crowd. I see this response again and again, and have heard so many stories from pastors about their surprise at the response to this little book and its focus on believers having evangelistic conversations. To God be the glory. I’m convinced of a couple of things: first, people who don’t know Jesus are more amazed at our silence than offended at our message. Second, there are more believers who want to share Christ than there are leaders willing to equip, encourage, and exemplify sharing Jesus.

Whenever I speak on the book in a training session I try to use a listening guide for the attendees. My friend Richard Taylor at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) recently asked me to make such a guide available for state conventions to help pastors facilitate the training. As a reminder, the landing page sharingJesusbook.com  has a wealth of free resources including a promo video, role-playing videos, and a series of eight videos I recorded at a local church where I teach through each of the each chapters of the book. This way pastors and small group leaders (and college ministries, parachurch groups, church planting networks, etc) can teach the material over eight weeks.

Today I’m uploading a PDF of a listening guide for leaders to use (or mentors with a mentee, or even for individual study) in training people to share Jesus. It’s a free download you can get an print HERE. You will note it’s designed to go along with a copy of the book and the videos. Each of the eight sessions has some questions a person can answer during the week as they read the chapter, then a listening guide for the video sessions. Following this a leader can facilitate application using the information beginning at page 127 in the book.

I’m a teacher. Teachers help people get stuff. I want to keep providing ways to help you to grow in your witness and help others to do the same. I believe God is stirring his church in a movement of personal witness, and I want to be a part of that.