31 Days of Evangelism Day 13: An Encouraging Video for Sharing Jesus

This morning I’m leaving early to head to Fellowship Community Church near Roanoke, Virginia, to teach all day from my new book Sharing Jesus (Without Freaking Out). I’m taking a great young pro couple, Robby and Rachel, whose wedding I officiated last summer. Mentoring on the road!

A lot of churches I know of (and a whole lot more I don’t) will be teaching through my Sharing Jesus  book this year over eight weeks. Whether you do or not, here’s a little video that can be an encouragement in your witness. It’s designed to be a promo for the book or for training, but can be a stand-alone encouragement as well. If you haven’t done so already, check out the landing page for the book HERE. You can order the book for only $5 a copy if you order through Lifeway.com (the discount is given at checkout–pretty awesome deal for a hardback). Enjoy!