31 Days of Evangelism Day 3: A Podcast for You

Podcasts have quickly become one of the more popular means of gathering information in this digital age.  A recent survey discovered 40% of the population had listened to podcasts. The largest group of listeners/viewers were the age 18-34 demographic, with ages 35-53 coming in second.* By the way,  18-34 year olds are also the most frequent movie goers, and the population the church presently struggles the most to reach.

I’m grateful church leaders have joined the podcast movement. Today as an encouragement in evangelism I want to commend to you one podcast in particular –– especially if you are a pastor/ministry leader. It’s the For the Established Church Or ESTablished Church.  Outstanding pastors Micah Fries, Sam Rainer, and Josh King run the podcast.

I want to highlight an episode that released today where Micah interviews me in general about my Sharing Jesus book, but in particular about helping pastors and leaders lead believers in sharing Christ. I hope you enjoy it and are encouraged by it. Please help spread the word about this already quite popular podcast.

You can listen to this episode here.