Big News in the Life of the Reid’s (Hint: It Involves a Farm)

I have some big news to share with you about things happening with the Reid’s! Three years ago Michelle and I bought a 12.5 acre farm an hour north near Kerr Lake and Virginia. We’ve so enjoyed going there. We built a barn, a one room off grid cabin, and have had such joy there. We see bald eagles, deer, foxes, turkeys, and much more, and had a bear on our trail camera once.

Well (drum roll): we are moving there. We’ve always dreamed of living on a larger piece of land and enjoying it together. I envisioned a quiet place to do a lot of writing. We are selling our house in Wake Forest, and will move there early 2018.

Nothing will change with my role at the seminary except I am sure I will be a better writer and thinker. My time with students won’t change, and move love for teaching is as great as ever. I will just drive down to work instead of driving up to the farm. What will change is I won’t be as distracted (which comes easily to me). More importantly, I will have time to spend with my Lord and my wife in the beauty of his creation. My role at Richland Creek Community Church won’t change either. But what will change is I will have more time to be still, to think, and to write.

I think we live our lives in thirds. The first third of life, up to around age 30, we are figuring out stuff. We are maturing, becoming adults, many of us get married and start a family, and getting our formal education and real, full time jobs. At this time we say yes to as many opportunities as possible, as we are learning who we are and how to serve. The next thirty, from roughly age 30 to 60, we are doing what God made us to do, living out our calling, raising kids, making an impact in advancing the gospel.  Here we are more focused on our calling and the things God has put before us. The last thirty (or however long the Lord gives us), we say no to far more things as we give great focus to the few things that most bring glory to God and serve his church.

I’m 58, and I’ve always been in a hurry, so i feel I’m entering that third realm. I’m far less interested in how many people I interact with personally and far more interested in investing well in those God puts right in front of me. I’m not more busy than I’ve ever been, but I am less available as a) I don’t have the energy at 58 I had at 28, and b) I’m very focused on teaching, writing, and equipping well.

I also just love being there with Michelle, which is the best part of it all.


Life is funny. As a young boy growing up in Alabama I wanted to be known for anything but a redneck. Now, I have a tractor and a bush hog, a pecan orchard started, and am trying to become a redneck. God is good in all of this.