Eight Weeks to Effective Witness Day 7: Principled Evangelism

Teaching Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out to a great group at Fairview Baptist

In my book Sharing Jesus {without freaking out} I offer eight principles throughout the eight chapters of the book. The Eight Week Challenge is built around them as well.

In each of the eight weeks of this series I want to give one of them. Here’s the first, and it’s foundational:

God created you for his glory, to advance his gospel with the gifts, talents, and opportunities he gave to you.

Let me unpack this just a bit. First, sharing starts with God. Redemption is his idea, his great plan unfolded in all the Scriptures. This is not primarily about you; it’s about him. American individualism, consumerism, and self-autonomy mitigate against the selfless, humble sharing of the good news.

Second, God created you. You aren’t an accident. You are made in the very imago Dei, the image of God. You are special, because God deemed it so.

Third, you were created for his glory. Paul Tripp has well said we are all glory-chasers. Every person who ever lived longs to know and experience glory as surely as we have DNA. The paradox of the gospel is this: the more you die to yourself and sacrifice for his mission, the more joy you experience. The more you selfishly seek your own wants, the more sorrow and emptiness you will experience over time.

Fourth, to advance his gospel. Sometimes people talk about finding God’s will . His will is not lost! He has made so much abundantly clear, including the Great Commission. Give yourself to advancing the gospel in your life, the lives of fellow believers, and with unbelievers, and you will see him reveal more of his plan.

Fifth, with the gifts, talents, and opportunities he gave to you. If preachers were God’s plan to reach the world, we would have reached it. There are a lot of preachers. But God’s plan is living witnesses who reach their specific world for Christ. God has gifted you to share the good news! He has given you specific talents you can use for his glory. And, he provides opportunities to you that others don’t have.

You are very valuable in God’s plan. Don’t be who you aren’t, but be who he made you to be for his glory.