Eight Weeks of Effective Witness Day 2: Sharing Jesus Is Like Farming

This week I had an unexpected change of schedule which allowed me to spend a bit more time this Easter break week up at the 12 acre farm Michelle and I own. We’ve planted 15 pecan trees, four apples trees, three almond trees, two rows of thornless blackberries, and a partridge in a pear tree. Well, most of those..

Sharing Jesus is a lot like farming. Jesus often used agricultural references regarding the Kingdom, after all. With the trees we planted we planted in good soil; we are confident we will bear fruit eventually. We control some things, like fertilizing, removing weeds, and pruning, but we don’t control a lot. We have no control over the climate, or what particular pests may invade our crop (the pecan weevil is the vegetative satan). Our role is to plant, cultivate, and trust God for the bounty to come.

There’s another thing: we wait. We are patient. We won’t have a bumper crop of pecans for a decade. Let’s apply this to our witness. Too often we have the mindset that we should see people come to faith the first time we witness to them. Such an expectation can make us feel defeated (or become manipulative) ┬áif we don’t see immediate fruit. It’s true, sometimes we do see people come to Christ the first time we share with them, but that is generally not what happens.

Patience matters about anything in life that actually matters. If you want a spouse, you expect a season of time to get acquainted and grow in your love. If you start a business, you expect some time to pass before your initial investment pays off. If you want to get healthier, you know that takes time.

We can become so impatient in our witness and create unnecessary frustration.. I know; I have folks I’ve been talking to about Jesus for years and I really wish they would say yes to him! But like a farmer, I’m patient. I don’t give up on them. I keep praying, sharing, and showing Jesus. I encourage you to be like a farmer: be patient., and trust the Lord of the harvest.


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