A Great Example of a Great Commission Seminary

We at Southeastern are a Great Commission seminary, and I’m very honored to teach here. No one epitomizes our slogan “I am going” more than my dear friend and Greek scholar Dave Black. He asked me to speak in his NT class Wednesday. I gave him a copy of my new book, and he had these kind things to say about it at his blog:

On Wednesday, Alvin Reid blessed me with a copy of his latest book called Sharing Jesus. I read it last night. I loved this chart, which I had never seen before.

This is so spot on. As a fulltime “missionary” (I teach Greek but that’s my job, not my “business”), I used to think of evangelism from a proclamation perspective, not realizing that relational evangelism is not only an option, but actually works better in certain situations (probably most situations). We are to have lives saturated with the Good News of the love of Jesus — not just verbally, but physically, tangibly, relationally. Sharing our faith will always require a message, but it’s also about lifestyle, community, and service. Living the Gospel is the best witness to our preaching. Paul said, “Woe to me if I don’t preach the Gospel.” I want to keep doing it until my dying day. There’s no greater joy than sharing the love of Christ with others, though we may have to learn new lessons in courage and be open to new approaches.

Thanks, Dave, for living out the gospel!