Learning to Share Jesus Is a Journey


Getting in shape: I know, there are all kinds of promises out there telling you how to do it in a week or two. Take this pill, do this miracle workout or diet, and so on. I have a Greek term for all that: baloney.

If you want to get healthy physically, it takes time, effort, and patience to see changes. But changes will come over time, and the more time you take the more likely the changes will stay.

It’s the same in our spiritual growth. You don’t microwave or point and click your way to growth. You take a journey. It. Takes. Time. But it’s worth it!

I wrote the Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out book to help you and those you lead take a journey. It’s a short book; 115 pages or so. But don’t let that fool you–you can’t grow significantly in your witness just by reading a book. Information doesn’t equal transformation, but information plus reflection plus personal application does bring growth. That’s why we’ve added a couple of features to help believers grow in a journey of witnessing. First, I recorded a series of eight videos where I teach about 20 minutes each on the eight chapters. This allows churches to do an eight-week small group study if you choose. The videos are available at no cost and can be found SOON (not quite yet, but you can bookmark the page now) at this landing page. ┬áSecond, the book has a 60 day journey at the end for you to follow to grow in what you read over time.

It takes time to build anything that matters. A tree. A skyscraper. A life. Give yourself time to grow as a witness. I want to help.