Un-complicating Evangelism (and a Special Deal for You)







What if I told you the God who made you and loves you also redeemed you to share the good news with others just as you are? What if I told you that to share Jesus you don’t have to become who you aren’t, but learn to be who God made you to be? We’ve overcomplicated evangelism. That’s why I wrote the book Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out: Evangelism the Way You Were Born to Do It. 

I want to walk with you, not run ahead of you, going on a journey to growth in your witness. You don’t get in shape in a day, and it takes time to grow as a witness. Stop beating yourself up! Instead, come with me to start a trajectory that will lead you to a place you will spend the rest of your life thanking God you went down that path.

I want to help you have normal conversations where Jesus becomes a part. I want to show you the wonder and the glory of the gospel story, and offer practical ways to learn to talk about Jesus out of your personality, your gifts, and your opportunities. Don’t be someone you aren’t, just learn to be more like Jesus.

Good news: if you also want to help others share Jesus as well, Lifeway has an amazing offer: you can order 20 or more copies of the book (normally 16.99) for only 5 bucks each! Heck, I can’t get them for a better deal than that!  Here is the link to order the book.

What if God began to stretch you and give you confidence in your service to Him? Let’s find out, together.